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Hello and Good bye!

This Journal is Friends Only.
Too bad for you.

I only add people I know in real life. And that is a rarity in itself.
Or those who I think are supremely interesting/cultured/intelligent and well worth my time getting to know.

If you want to be added, please leave a comment. I'm always up for meeting new people.
If I don't add you back, it's because of discrepancies in personalities.
If I know you and don't add you....don't be offended. Please. I only let so many hear what I have to say.
I don't like what is written in my journal to be next days gossip. I don't appreciate being spied on.
If you don't like it.
Suck my cock and swallow.
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but I wanna chew and gargle before i swallow..
I'll make sure to change my diet to suit your needs...


12 years ago

glad I made the cut! I feel the same way you do, I used to be exactally the oppisite.
you know you rock! :)
Hello! We've met a few times via marframil and solvent23. I said I would add you, so I am! Hope you add me back.
So, I know you in real life, does that mean I can add you and you can like add me back and stuff? ;)
Sure! Happy Birthday btw.
poke poke poke. you know you wanna add me. poke poke poke
hmm. I don't think I know you, but asphyxiation is sexy.
Sure thing!


12 years ago


12 years ago

C'est moi, Puta! It is I, Mongol Max. 'twas nice to see you at the club last night. Hope you're not worshipping the Porcelain God today! As per Our Mutual Friend's prodding I have added you as my LJ friend. Will you have me?

Of course! You are one of my partners in crime and gave me tissues when I was tearing up at Noodleism.
you know you wanna do me.
Yes m'am!

so when you are you moving back? Florida sucks!
I'm not supreme anything, but I know you in real life! I'm mr_moeb 's chick.
Happy bday Nandy :). Did you want anything for your bday ?
BTW I friendlisted :) so if you would like do the same :)
A shopping spree at Sephora :P
Hello, I ran into your journal and the name itself is hysterical.
You seem cool.
I was wondering if you could add me?
Sure thing!
Go to:

and scroll about half way down. I saw this and my jaw dropped.

BTW: every October there is one of these looking for "Maverick, the hot ghost tour guide"
I'm sorry but no
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